Play More Baseball is open Monday through Friday 5pm to 9pm, Saturday 11am to 5pm, and Sunday 12pm to 4pm. Appointments are available for other times.


Softball and Baseball Batting Cage Rentals

1/2 hour $25
1 hour $40
5 hours $175

*Maximum 4 players per cage per rental
Group/Team rates available, please call for details!

Monthly Membership: $80 for unlimited cage rentals*

*reservations are required and subject to availability.

Bat or Helmet Rental: $5 each or $7 combined


Lessons (*Include Tech Options)


Lead Instructor, Director of Player Development:

1 Player

  • 1/2 Hour Lesson – $40
  • 1 Hour Lesson: $60
  • 2x 1 Hour lessons: $100
  • 4x 1 Hour Lessons: $200
2 Players (at the same time)

  • 1/2 Hour Lesson: $50
  • 1 Hour Lesson: $70


Individual Training Program Wellness Training Sunday Beach Workout Team Training
2x Weekly sessions General Wellness, Health, Fitness 8:30am At Nikki Beach Programs available
$225 Contact for rates $15 per session 1 hour: $100 (non peak), $150 (peak hours)


Senior Instructor:

1 Player

  • 1/2 Hour Lesson – $40
  • 10 pack Lessons: $350
2 Players (at the same time)

  • 1/2 Hour Lesson: $60
  • 10 pack Lessons: $500


Gym Membership: $5 per visit or $20 monthly (Parents can exercise while their players practice!)


Tech Options

Coaches Eye, Zepp, Motus Sleeve: $5 per half hour or $10 per hour



Glove Break In Service: $25 for new gloves, includes steaming and conditioning


All major credit cards accepted. (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express)


What is Available?

We have 3 different state of the art Jugs pitching machines.  One is set up for baseball/softball and it throws pitches from 25-60 mph.  It is great for younger players and softball.

We have a larger and faster Jugs machine that throws fastballs from 30-90 mph which is excellent for more advanced players and finally we have a two wheel Jugs machine that throws, fastballs, curve balls, knuckle balls, sliders and it goes from 30-110 mph.

Each machine can give a hitter approximately 200-250 pitches within 30 minutes.  The machines require the balls being fed by an additional person though we do have a self-ball feeder attached to the baseball/softball machine for someone who wants to work on their own