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Advanced Baseball Technology to Help Take Your Training to the 21st Century
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Jugs Softball

The JUGS Softball Pitching Machine throws fastballs, risers, and drops for fastpitch teams, and perfect arching tosses for slowpitch teams

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Motus Global

Motus is a world-leader in advanced biomechanical analysis using innovative wearable technology with ground-breaking 3D movement and performance analytics.

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Coach’s Eye

The most effective way to provide meaningful feedback to athletes, so they can make rapid improvements.

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The revolutionary Smart Coach training system will instantly evaluate the areas where you can improve and offer you training programs that are tailored to your swing.

About Us

Welcome to the 21st century of baseball instruction.
Baseball is steeped in history and tradition.

Tradition dictated how the game of baseball was taught. Sabermetrics is the new norm on how baseball is taught and analyzed at all levels of the sport. Play More Baseball has invested in the tools necessary to merge technology and baseball.
Utilizing technologies such as SmartKage, HitTrax, Motus Global, Coach’s Eye and Zepp our facility and our instructors offer the most sophisticated programs to allow elite players to improve in all facets of their game.
Our facility is as much a laboratory as it is a training facility. Our technology and our systems allow athletes to gain critical feedback on all facets of their game so they can maximize their training time without subjecting themselves to unintended injury from either the wrong technics or overuse.
At all levels of instruction, recent trends have shown improved results as players and coaches are seeing the benefits of the information revealed through technology. Play More Baseball provides advanced instructional tools, that have just recently become common place for multi- million dollar players, as the standard method of instruction for our athletes.
Given the growing trend of merging baseball and technology, we believe this approach gives our athletes an advantage on the field and prepares them for the long-term future success in the game of baseball.
Additionally, our facility and our technology helps identify bad habits that lead to injury. We also offer program to help athletes who recovering from injury, recover quicker and in more time efficient manner.
Our instructors use technology to teach baseball in the most effective way possible. Our instructors played professionally and collegiately but we do not rely simply on the traditional methods of teaching hitting, throwing and fielding.
Our facility is committed to providing state of the art training tools coupled with seasoned veteran instructors to bring an elite level of training and instruction.
Play More Baseball is also home to some of the nation’s most talented travel team programs. You have the opportunity to bring your team to practice at our facility or an individual player can go through an assessment process to see where they might fit with one of our instructors for the best baseball instruction available. Baseball is our business, and we are committed to excellence. We are also in the business of helping elite players fulfill their dreams. At the youth level, we are building self-esteem, enriching a player’s passion for baseball, and helping coaches connect with their players through the great medium of sports.
We love what we do and seeing elite athletes push themselves to continue to achieve their goals drives our commitment to baseball so we can provide a high quality, technologically advance elite baseball training facility.

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